A Little Bit About Me

I'm an Orlando native, yoga enthusiast and art history nerd. I'm inspired by nature and spending time with people I love. I hope to travel the world and see, in person, all the monuments, structures and events I've only read about in books. I've been enthralled with art and design since a very young age and I am passionate about a good cupcake. I'm independent and self-motivated. I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Alabama in three years. I don't have a Southern accent and I still don't understand half of the idioms I heard while living in Alabama. I'm fun-loving, easy-going and a fast learner. I love all animals and I'm not saying I'm choosing sides, but given the choice I would choose a dog before a cat. I'm comfortable both leading with gusto and taking direction like a champ. I'd love to work together and create something beautiful. Feel free to contact me for my resume, more portfolio work, or to chat about the super cute thing your dog did this afternoon.

*WARNING. The images you see below may include some funny faces because I don't like smiling for pictures. I am unapologetic.