My Journey to Zero Waste: Bulk Bags

If you know me, or have worked with me, you’ve probably realized by now that I have several passions beyond art and design. One of these passions is the environment.

I’ve always had a deep love and respect for the earth, and have been conscious of my impact on the planet since I was young. Recently, I’ve been inspired by the zero waste movement and the handful of people who can fill a mason jar with their year’s worth of trash. (That’s nuts, right?!)

One of the very first zero-waste switches I made was to use drawstring bulk bags to replace the thin plastic produce bags offered at the grocery store. Not only is that kind of plastic not recyclable, but it causes all sorts of problems for our marine life...more on that at another time.

I love my bulk bags because they’re so versatile. Sure, I use them for nuts, grains, and snacks at the bulk bins and produce at the grocery store, but I’ve also found so many other ways they come in handy.

For example, last we went on a backpacking trip and I was able to use one bulk bag for snacks, one bag for trash, and one to keep my toothbrush clean.

I’ve used bulk bags to strain nut milks, to store clothes when I travel, and I’ve also found that storing leafy greens and herbs, like kale or cilantro, in my bulk bags in the fridge is a great way to keep them fresh longer.

Moral of the story? Get yourself some bulk bags! They come in handy for so many things, and they’re a great way to start the process of ditching plastic for good.

Are there any zero waste things you’re specifically curious about? Feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer. I’m still in the midst of this journey, but I’ve learned so much already and been inspired by people around me already doing the damn thing. I truly believe that, together, we are a force to be reckoned with and that, together, we can cause real positive change in this world.

Morgan CasavantComment