Private Yoga specialized Instruction

eating disorder recovery

I will create and guide you through a space that allows you to reconnect with your body in a gentle and nurturing way. I know that the road of recovery from an eating disorder can sometimes be scary, but by using yogic techniques and philosophies, we’ll work through that fear and anxiety. You’ll learn useful breathing techniques, yoga poses, and mindfulness practices that will help you re-learn how to love your body.

small groups

Whether you want a space to connect with your friends in a fun and different way or you own a small start-up and want to treat your team, small group practices are a perfect way to build community, dive deeper into your relationships with others, and do something fun together! You’ll work on yoga postures designed for your group and even learn how to assist and support your friends, family, or team members.

yoga for beginners

If you’re interested in the yoga practice and all the benefits it has to offer, but you’re nervous about going to a group yoga class let me tell you - you’re not alone. Private instruction is a fantastic way to learn yoga postures and philosophies in a no-stress, no-judgement zone. You’ll learn posture names, alignment, and some yoga history along the way, getting you ready to jump into your first group class.

yoga for athletes

Athletes’ bodies have specific needs to achieve peak performance, and a yoga practice designed for your body and your sport is a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility, and to prevent injury. You’ll get a tailored practice and learn proper alignment and injury-prevention techniques.

addiction recovery

I will create a space for you to find stillness and connect to your body and mind in a nurturing way. The mindfulness component of yoga is an exceptionally powerful tool that can help you recover from addiction as well as stay in recovery for years and years to come.

pain recovery

Musculoskeletal chronic pain affects approximately every one in four Americans, and yoga can be a great way to both alleviate pain and remain pain-free. We’ll take a look at your overall posture and develop a yoga practice that is designed to specifically help realign your skeleton and relieve your pain.


This is great for students who are familiar with the yoga practice, but want to dive a little bit deeper. You’ll learn how to align and protect your body in yoga postures from beginner to advanced, depending on your practice and your needs.


Meditation has a vast number of benefits, from decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression to reducing high blood pressure, relieving pain, and giving practitioners an overall sense of compassion, joy, and wellness. I will lead you through guided meditation, and you’ll learn mindfulness techniques and tools, have space to talk about your meditation experience, and receive take-home tools to help you develop a consistent meditation practice.

Private Yoga sessions

I am committed to creating a space that is welcoming to all people from all walks of life. My goal is to lead classes that inspire compassion, connection, and balance - on and off the mat.

Yoga is for every body. I specialize in private yoga, and I’m happy to offer it in your space or mine. Private yoga is a fantastic way to dive deep into a yoga practice that is fully customized to your body and your experience.

Private Yoga Studio

Root Wellness
2247 Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO, 80211 


300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Warrior One Power Yoga, Orlando, FL

Personal Training
SCW Fitness Education, Orlando, FL

10-Hour Yoga for Addiction & Eating Disorder Recovery
Kula For Karma, Orlando, FL

50-Hour Continuing Education (Bridge to Big)
BIG Power Yoga, Denver, CO

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