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CYT 300 Yoga Instructor

I am committed to creating a space that is welcoming to all people from all walks of life. My goal is to lead classes that inspire compassion, balance and centeredness - on and off the mat.

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Passion Force Yoga & Dance
Scheitler Recreation Center
Carla Madison Recreation Center

Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga is for every body. I specialize in private yoga, in your space or mine, to help people transition into the studio. Private yoga is a fantastic way to dive deep into a yoga practice that is fully customized to your body and your experience. 


300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Warrior One Power Yoga, Orlando, FL

Personal Training
SCW Fitness Education, Orlando, FL

10-Hour Yoga for Addiction & Eating Disorder Recovery
Kula For Karma, Orlando, FL

50-Hour Continuing Education (Bridge to Big)
BIG Power Yoga, Denver, CO


Class Descriptions

Yoga I (All Levels)
Explores the fluidity of breath and the alignment of basic poses, as well as holding stretches for longer than a typical Vinyasa class.

Vinyasa Yoga (All Levels)
Get your body moving with this energetic flow connected to your breath, while having the option to take each pose at your own pace.

Hot Detox (All Levels)
Room is heated and we work with twists and breathing techniques that detoxify the body.

Power (All Levels)
Build strength and endurance in this faster-paced class with groovy beats and empowering core work.

Vin & Yin (All Levels)
Grab your bolsters, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! A little bit of flow to get your body centered and connected followed by long, supported holds.

Private Classes Available
Please message me for details.

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